Sunday, May 06, 2007

green up

It's hip to be green. I can't help feeling a bit like we are living a morality tale, much like Pinnochio, in which we are warned and warned and warned again about the potential fallout that will most certainly come from our bad choices, yet we choose not to listen until one day the fallout starts to actually affect us directly and we decide it might be in our best interest to listen. Just at that point, an enormous whale comes to swallow us whole.

What am I talking about? I'm not sure, but while stuffing bag after green bag with filthy, yet intact artificial floral arrangements found dumped over a bank behind our local cemetery during Green Up Day yesterday, I couldn't help thinking that us worldly white folks are complete and utter imbeciles. Why are we just now deciding that the native Americans were perhaps on to something with their habit of living in harmony with Mother Nature rather than trying to commandeer the earth for a profit. Now, funny thing, going green is the latest novel, profitable venture. Rather than go out and save the world, I am still sitting here documenting the minutae of our lives here in family land. And you can find the latest earth shattering snippet here

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