Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

2008 just came in with a fresh coat of paint. Looks happy. Looks new.
It's really brightened up the place.
Find out more here. And here.

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MommaMeggie said...

Betsy, please tell us about the fund raiser when it's over! I am emotionally involved with Jaya and her family and she may be too busy to give details. Please tell us how much she made! I'm so excited for her. They have huge potential to make a lot of money. When a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with colo/rectal cancer at age 27, with no insurance, we all dove to action. We had a tag sale where about 60 people dontated the items and all the proceeds went to her fund. It sounds like nothing, right? How could a tag sale make any money? But, by the end of 2 days, we had made $8,000!!!! It was amazing! Also, we had a silent auction with donated items again and had a dinner that a local resturant catered and we made another $8,000. The love of friends is amazing and heartwarming. I sincerely hope the fundraiser goes well and they make a lot of money! I already donted from her website and hope I can again. Thank you so much for introducing us to Jaya and her family and their wonderful new journey.