Monday, March 31, 2008

Earth Out

After participating, in our own small way, in Earth Out on Saturday night, Esther enjoyed it so much we had to do it again last night. A new tradition of bedtime by candlelight and wind-up flashlight is not such a bad idea. It definitely brings some drama and authenticity to reading Little House on the Prairie.

Isla is sitting next to me, flipping through the New York Times Style Magazine, singing "Baby Beluga," in the most innocent of voices. Her voice this morning was not so innocent when it was yelling, "Stop doin' the Yoga!" at me and tugging on my sleeve as I tried, desperately, to hold the half moon pose.

How things change from day to day. I document a much more successful, almost relaxing, yoga session here.


momma's heart said...

I'm glad it's not just my kids who resent anything I try to do for myself.

I can't wait until my little girl sings to me. At fifteen months, she's the sweetest angel one minute, and the next she's an angry lunatic, kicking the fridge because I closed it before she could grab a milk jug. The boys never displayed tempers like that so young. I might be in for it. LOL

Jen said...

That sounds lovely. I would like to try that myself with my toddler, but I think the husband would be chomping at the bit if he can't get to his computer game....Yes, I would like that a lot!

Peggy Shinn said...

I like the idea of bedtime by flash- and candlelight. Except Samantha has a pathological fear of fire sparked, we think, by an unplanned fire alarm at her pre-school years ago. (One of her classmates pulled the fire alarm thing.) Would bedtime by LED have the same quality?? Hmmm ... maybe not.