Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A sense of place

I'll never truly understand the powerful effect the sight of something as old and naturally beautiful as a stone wall running down a row of trees has on my psyche.
It makes my pulse slow, my breath get steadier and deeper, my mind calmer. It gives me hope and comfort. It gives me the sense that this is all meant to be. Me here in Vermont, the land of my birth, settled within mere double -digit miles from my family home. I've gone nowhere and everywhere all at once. And it's okay. It's okay.

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Jules said...

Dear Betsy,

I found you here via your blog at Babycenter. I love stones as well and wrote a little about it at my blog as well. I just started it a few days ago but I am trying. Your daughers are beautiful and you are very talented with your writing. Nice to meet you.