Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Falling off

Watch and learn, Isla. Watch and learn.

The resident frog-catching Queen

Isla's favorite country taxi service.

I saw summer coming straight at me with her flowing mane, rippling muscles and wet, wild eyes, so I grabbed hold of that mane, swung myself up onto the heaving back and held on for dear life.

She hasn't yet stopped running and my hands are cramping. Perhaps I should just let go, and slip off into the tall, waving grass and watch her run into the future without me.

I don't want to think about First Day of School celebrations, or back- to -school shopping, or the morning battles that come with shoving your kid out the door before they are good and ready, or tardy slips for that matter. It's not even August, I know, yet I already smell that panic in the air.

Meanwhile there's a hay wagon parked in our meadow, left behind by the farmer. Often, on the way upstairs to bed, I catch a glimpse of it out the window, glowing in the moonlight. I stop for a moment to look at it and wonder where my sense of adventure has gone.

The wagon beckons to me, urging me to abandon my sensible grownup ways, grab a bottle of wine from the pantry, grab my husband, and head outside for a proper romp in the hay.

Then I sigh and continue up the steps and onto the bathroom to brush and floss before I retire to the guest bed where Isla lies waiting. I can hear Ian snoring deeply as I pass by his dark figure in what is supposed to be our bed. I can also hear Esther's childish breathing and make out her gangley, six-year-old body curled up into a comma-- her dark hair splashed over her face, and her arms reaching out towards her daddy.
More about Isla waiting for me, yelling "Mummy I neeeeeeed you," in bed here.


Evenspor said...

You take great photos, Betsy.

tinsenpup said...

Why does it sometimes seem that half of parenthood is dragging them from one place to another; from one state to the next; from sleep to awake; from here to there?

Emma said...

Beautiful photos! What an idyllic place for your kids to play and grow. Here in Australia we get about 5 weeks of summer holidays, I don't know I could cope with the 3 months that you guys get! Don't get me wrong, I love the company of my kids, but after a while I really need that time on my own to do the mundane stuff like the groceries and the vaccuuming without "help". ;)

Vered said...

You write beautifully! So glad I stopped by.

"the morning battles that come with shoving your kid out the door before they are good and ready," - ahh, don't remind me! Can't say I'm looking forward to that at all.

Betsy said...

Thanks Arwen, tinsenpup, emma and vered for stopping in. It means a lot.

9ndhouse- Katie S. said...

I'm a little late commenting here, but, WOW!, I love the flowing way you braid your words. I agree your pictures are great!

Jennifer said...

I am both dreading and looking forward to the beginning of school. Being a parent is so confusing!