Monday, November 24, 2008

huntin' season

Suddenly we've all become extremely fond of red.
Even when we're safely ensconced inside our warm house, eating yogurt.
There's nothing like the starkness of November to bring out the beauty of dead Iris pods.
The brilliant orange light that preceded this scene by 10 minutes is what drove me outside. It wasn't the promise of a beautiful sunrise that made me run, but the way that light exposes the grungy fingerprints all over my windows, the dog hair on the floor and the embarrassingly thick layer of dust on just about every surface. In the end, I'm glad I went outside.

I don't know what it is, but I've been acutely aware of the beauty of my surroundings lately. It's almost as if I've unwittingly taken some sort of narcotic that heightens the senses.
It's particularly strange since I'm normally prone to sadness this time of year.

I've been taking fish oil supplements as well as Spirulina. My midwife told me that "super food" has been known to stave off depression. I'll try anything. So far it's working.

I've also been managing to find the almost constant humor in being the mother of an incredibly stubborn and frustrating three year old (that's a major redundancy, I know). Isla's way of thinking, the way she says "What's that is?", the way she is soooooo incredibly meticulous with her buttons and will spend 20-long-minutes trying to button her sweater just so, is entertaining me more than it makes me insane. Don't get me wrong, it does make me insane, but I always laugh when I relay stories to Ian. (There's most definitely a connection between this paragraph and the one that precedes it.)

And sitting at the dinner table, watching her dip Tings into her soup, one after the other, then put them down on the table, one next to the other, with no intention of eating them, just makes me chuckle. When it doesn't make me scream.

Okay so I'm kind of schizophrenic in my reaction to motherhood today. But isn't that the nature of being a mom?
More on that note, here and here.


Mrs. Jacqueline said...

Red is my favorite color :) The snow up there is beautiful- it's still hitting highs of 70 ish degrees in Texas!

Betsy said...

Red is a good favorite color. It used to be my favorite when I was a kid, but I abandoned it for green.

Brooke Groelle said...

Sometimes I feel like if I don't laugh, then I will cry... Laughing is better... especially when dealing with head-strong toddlers :)

Hang in there!!!!

Jolyn said...


Emma said...

beautiful pictures! Maybe i should start following your example and take fish oil supplements, I could use some help right now. Although I'm bouyed by the summer weather and long days i am wound tighter than a spring right now, and finding it hard to laugh at anything.

Betsy said...

"i am wound tighter than a spring right now, and finding it hard to laugh at anything."
You just described how I often feel in the winter time. Not sure if it's the fish oil or what. I'm also taking Estroven, which is a combo of B-vitamins and some herbs. It definitely seems to be tempering the old PMS symptoms. Good luck.

tinsenpup said...

I think I need more of the laughing, less of the being driven insane. I wonder how one would go about finding balance in this?

Betsy said...

I hear you, tinsenpup. I'm not sure if it's so much "finding" a balance as it is "receiving" or "being "blessed with" balance. It's really hit or miss with me. One minute I'm supermom, all understanding and fun, the next I'm shouting "enough already!"
Poor kids.

mooserbeans said...

I was wondering how you were doing with the change of seasons. I am not doing as well, but I think that it is more do to work stress than anxiety. Who knows? I was actually going to post about anxiety and this time of year (it seems to be a recurring theme with the mom bloggers that I read), but then I found out my father in law is eagerly waiting for my next post. Who really feels like dishing about panic attacks to your father in law the retired farmer:)
I love the red, too. Such a happy cheery color. I also find three is so much easier to deal with when the insanity is shared in the form of an amusing story:)

Kingsmom said...

My husband makes a wonderful salad dressing recipe using Spurlina. I'll try to remember to get it from him and send it your way.

Daria said...

That sunset is so pretty - cold but warm all in one. Try to keep away from all the sugar of the season - when I overload and start eating bad it always does me in with my mood. All those temptations are tough, though.

Emilyplays said...

Love all the red pictures! And your banner is looking swank. Now what is this about "your midwife"? As far as I know, one only has a midwife for one reason - hhhmmmm?

I have been on the fish oil also, I can't tell if it helping. I feel just as irritated as ever. My ND prescribed me "200mg of Zen"! That is really what it says on the bottle - here's hoping! She also has me on Vit D, here in the PNW we don't get a lot of sunny days.
Thanks for sharing your winter landscape!

Lori said...

beautiful photos!

Betsy said...

Never responded to EmilyPlays inquiry about the midwife. The answer to that is: Bite your tongue, girl!No really. I love babies, I'm just terrible at growing them inside me. It makes me sick as a dog and leaves me begging for mercy. That's just gestation I'm talking about. No more babies for me, not if I can help it anyways.