Sunday, December 21, 2008


"The meadows and far-sheeted streams
Lie still without a sound;
Like some soft minister of dreams
The snow-fall hoods me round;
In wood and water, earth and air,
A silence everywhere."

Excerpted from the song "Snow," by Loreena McKennet

Snow is falling steadily, determinedly, boldly. It's been falling for the past 48 hours or more. It's made our world soft and fluffy. It's made our world quiet. It's made our world insanely beautiful. I feel like I'm living a Robert Frost poem. I love it.

Funny. December is the darkest month with the shortest days of the year and I have come to find that it is my favorite month. Especially when it snows.

Esther and Isla love the snow too. Isla stood on the kitchen bench this morning and just stared quietly out the window at the floating flakes. Esther is digging holes, making angels and commenting on the lovely, soft silence.

She's at her friends house now. I escorted her down there through the meadow and down the steep hill that leads to their house. I was on skis and she walked, pulling her sled behind her. Once we got to the hill she got into the sled and let me pull her. The village below, through the falling snow, looked fake. Like a picture book.

I've skied up the road twice in the past two days. The snow is almost too deep to navigate in the meadows, but the roads are perfect. That is until the maintenance guys show up with their truck full of dirt and sand. Then all is ruined.

Until another hour or two later when another fresh coat of powdery bliss is applied. Vermont, like this, is like no other place. I'm feeling lucky and grateful again. Oprah would be proud.


mooserbeans said...

Such a perfect way to remind ourselves to slow down and just be. We are anxiously waiting for snow to start here (Norhtern Virginia). It is never a sure thing here, just a hope. Happy birthday Ester.

mooserbeans said...

Happy birthday, Esther. Someday, perhaps I will learn to spell. So sorry.

Joy said...

How gorgeous, Betsy! I'm jealous. Love the song too. :)

Brooke Groelle said...

Ohhh - your snow does look fluffy - like little cotton balls. So glad that you and the girls are enjoying this winter wonderland! It got SOOO bitterly cold here (in Chicago) today that I doubt we will be out enjoying the snow anytime soon. Boo hoo!

Emma said...

Your snow photos are just beautiful! And it sounds as is Esther enjoyed her birthday. My own little birthday girl came down with a bad bout of tonsilitis for her birthday... :( We are waiting to take the kids out to see the Christmas lights around the neighbourhood, but seeing as it's daylight saving we have to wait until 8.30pm before it gets dark enough! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

lindsay weiss said...

Hi Betsy- For some reason I've never been to your personal blog before, but it's lovely. In fact, I just said to hubby "What do you think about moving to Vermont?"

Betsy said...

Thanks for stopping in, everyone. Alas, it doesn't look so fluffy and white around here anymore, but it is snowing again now, so.....
I guess that is what makes the snow so special for me, the fleeting quality. Yes, even in Vermont. Winter wonderland one minute, t-shirts and mud the next.

tinsenpup said...

Oh my goodness, that's breathtaking.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Andrea sent me here, though I was overdue for a visit. I'm thankful for bloggers who don't write daily-I just can't keep up with them. But you are always worth a peek. You make everything sound lovely (except the dirt and sand).

Keep warm!

Betsy said...

Oh dear! Has it been so long. 2009 you say? Could it be true?