Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America the beautiful

Never, never, never, never have I felt more patriotic than I do today.

In fact, I feel like going out and buying the biggest American flag I can find and shoving it in the snowbank at the end of our driveway. This is not normal behavior for me.

I have been unimpressed, uninspired and disappointed by politics for the whole of my life. Until now.

I can't stop crying.

I cry each time I see this video.

This one does it for me too.

I cry each time I hear his voice on the radio.

I cry each time I hear the sound of crowds of people cheering and clapping their hands together in response to his words.

I cry each time I hear the hopeful voice of another human being--white, black, red, yellow, purple or green-- who feels empowered by the election of this man.

I have an irresistible urge to kiss pictures of the Obama family when I see them in magazines or newspapers.

Is this normal? Who knows, but it feels really really good, and natural and right.


mooserbeans said...

Go look at my blog and read about the amazing Sunday that I had. I am in awe right now! I am trying so hard to explain to Caroline that she is witnessing history, but at the same time am so happy that she doesn't really see having an African American president as odd. She knows t's the first time, but can't understand why it took so long. Her world is so different from even the one that I lived in. Enjoy this happy day.

Brooke Groelle said...

I keep crying too!
The little girls get me every time. They are so sweet. I am praying for their safety, all of their safety!!!

Kingsmom said...

I am right there with you. I am totally moved and greatful to be witness to this whole experience.

Betsy said...

As I said over at Momformation, I could water the plants had I collected my tears shed while watching the inaugural address.

Alevin and Company said...

Oh, there were tears at our house, too, starting the moment Mr. and Mrs. President walked out to the car to go to the prayer service this morning. Apparently my excitement was infectious-my 6 year-old daughter got off the bus with a big grin on her face and said they watched the President (Yup, I am capitalizing that) on TV at school. She loved Aretha, too! This afternoon we went to the bookstore and my 3 year-old saw the cover of a book with the President's face on it and said, "Look, Mama! It's Barack Obama, our new president!" And then she did a gleeful dance. I was so proud. It feels good to be proud again!

Emma said...

Betsy, even I have been shedding a few tears, and the guy isn't even my president, lol. I wasn't keen enough to stay up to 3.30am our time to see the inaugural address, but i got to watch the following morning when it was played again and again. I made the kids watch too, trying to explain why this was such an historic occasion. Good luck with the move to France, btw- what an amazing opportunity for you all! (and thanks so much for popping over to my blog as well.)

Maxine from Texas said...

And now YOU made me cry! I've been crying ever since election night. I really am just so very excited!

And good luck on your move to France!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Betsy. I've been wanting to sing the national anthem Aretha-style too! I've been re-reading the text of "the speech" and checking the washington post . com for all the latest news. My British husband is more than a little bemused. Ali

kelly said...

I was surprised by the tone of some of the comments on your Baby Center blog about this. Yikes.

Anyway, good luck with your move to France. It sounds like a good change. We made a major move last year. Not quite as big of a one as you are undertaking but I totally get how you feel. I do hope you keep your Baby Center blog. But if not, please keep this one. You find some really cool articles to pass along. I love other people doing my research for me. :)

MT said...

I had been trying to cut out momformation (except occasionally for my 2 favourite posters) so I missed the reaction kelly was talking about....holy smokes, Batman! That there is a big part of the reason I am trying to make a break from momformation.
For the record, we streamed the inauguration live in Geneva, Switzerland (where it was a convenient 6pm). In the audience: Canadians, Germans, Japanese, a Serbian, and my 3 and 5 year old kids.

Magic27 said...

Hi Betsy!
I've been reading your blog since ParentCenter days and love it!
My elder daughter turned 7 in December (27th), too, and I agree, it's a big change - she seems so grown-up sometimes! Even the little one (who'll be 5 in April) is getting big...
Also, I live in France (the south, though, not Burgundy) and am sure you'll have a wonderful time! It's such a great opportunity! I've been here since 1992, so my daughters are resolutely French, but they speak some English and we're off to London to see friends for a week in February.
I wish you all luck with the move!
And, having been tagged by another American in France, I'm now tagging you for this quick and easy meme - hope you don't mind!

Magic27 said...

It doesn't matter if you don't have folders of photos - why not just use the 4th photo you have on your list or something? I bet it's a great picture!

Herry said...

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