Monday, January 05, 2009

winter's playground and hibernation

When snow covers the ground, even if it's a thin layer, we are overcome with choices. To ski, to skate, to slide.......

It's a metaphor for life. Well, my life at least.

Never the kind to have a set plan, I mostly just stand there, paralyzed with indecision, gaping in awe at all the choices.

And when that sky is Windex blue and that landscape is blinding white, you feel as if you need to be outside for every second of it.

Yet, I've been tired ever since Christmas. I feel this vague feeling of inspiration, the desire to start anew with the new year, to plunge ahead with my goals to act more like the person I want to be, yet it seems the person I want to be is actually not a person at all, but a hamster, or some other such hibernating creature.

And the desire for red wine, or oatmeal stout, and good bread is everpresent. I can't wait until dusk just so I can start eating and drinking. This happens to me every winter, this desire for carbohydrates, simple and complex. I have no need to be alarmed. Right?

We've conquered the living room, now for the back hill.

I'm still posting, as usual, at Momformation. Things like this. And this. And..... this.


Mrs. Jacqueline said...

Ahhh, snow. We just moved to Denver and this desert girl has seen more snow in the past month then I've ever seen in my LIFE! My girl went crazy, especially when her Daddy showed her how to make a snowball, LOL! However I have yet to go do any kind of winter sports- my uncoordination would cause untold bodily injuries.

Brooke Groelle said...

Maybe you were a bear with a drinking problem in your former life. Blame it on that ;) HA!
I am REALLY slacking at working on any of my 09 personal goals that I laid out for myself.... I don't know if I really thought that a giant dose of motivation would hit me at the stroke of midnight... well it didn't. :(

momma's heart said...

Catching up on your posts here. All very brilliant writing. I'm envious of the poetic style. Something to which I aspire - to no avail so far. My mind is too cluttered with the mundane aspects of raising little ones, I'm afraid.

Take care!


Emma said...

Don't worry Betsy, I feel like that too, but it's mid summer here, so i don't really have an excuse...

Evenspor said...

Betsy, I've nominated this blog for an award: