Thursday, March 19, 2009

devil in a new dress

This is Isla, looking angelic as she relentlessly harasses poor Woolly the cat. There is no place Woolly can hide that Isla will not look. There is no amount of scratching, biting and hissing that Isla cannot withstand.

Ever since we set foot on English soil, Isla has set out to make Woolly her friend. No matter that Isla is allergic to cats and comes over all puffy eyed and stuffy nosed within minutes of contact. No matter that this cat is quite obviously not looking for a friend. No matter that all she ends up with after hours of hunting is sticky little fistfulls of long cat hair.

She pursues him, tirelessly, like a monster in a horror film, calling out "Cat, Cat" in her most high pitched, make your hair stand on end voice.

I hope she has better luck, and discretion, with boys. I can hear her now. "Boy, Boy, Come back here boy."

More about Isla, and her family's adventures, over here.


Joy said...

That's hilarious, Betsy! I love the middle photo where she looks like she's stalking Wooly. Too funny.

Brooke G. said...

I have found that cats and toddlers don't mix very well. Poor, poor kitty. I feel for him/her(?) That cat will breath a sigh of relief when you all head south to France!! LOVE the pics.

Steph said...

That kind of thing sure builds character in a cat. Not necessarily good character, but character! We have two cats. Good luck, Woolly!

Liz said...

Too funny! Love the photos!

Clare said...

I love the new dress!
My Elliot isn't particularly tender with our cat, but then Cléo doesn't do much to win his affection. I don't think those 2 will EVER really be friends.
When willbe arriving on French soil?

CouponAlbum said...

How nice post!! I love this cute dress!! She looks great!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Three year olds are totally determined in their pursuits, whether it be a puppy or a cat. DD has shown her affection to each of our three cats and two of them are rather uneasy about that.