Saturday, June 20, 2009

flowers for Pacifique

Esther picked these flowers for her friend Ariah's new baby brother today.

Upon hearing the news of the successful adoption, she said, "Their hearts were broken and now they're getting fixed."

One stitch, or gummy smile, at a time.

More quotes from Esther can be found over here, as well.


Anonymous said...

Dear Esther and family, I am so overwhelmed at the love, the joy, the outpouring, and the spontaneous upholding, the wonderful inspiration from every corner. But Esther, you did what I had been praying for- flowers for Paci and the family. These are way better than if I had called the hotel and managed to have some delivered. I can smell them! And that is the fragrance of fixing, of healing. Thank you. I know Paci loves them, and Ariah too.
Love, Bubby- Diana

Emma said...

Such amazing news for your friends! I remember reading about the beginning of their journey ages ago- I am so happy that they are now holding their dear baby in their arms. Special news for a grey Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Esther - What an beautiful gift! We miss you. This picture reminds us of your kindness.

Thinking of you...
Kathy and Emery

mooserbeans said...

I don't need to tell you what a sweet and wonderful girl you are raising. What wonderful news for your friends!