Friday, April 23, 2010

I hate my blog

Anyone know how to design your own look on Blogger? Is it possible?

I hate these templates and can't even figure out how to size a banner correctly. (Thanks, Emily, wherever you are.) This is no great surprise, I am the world's most reluctant reader of directions. I don't want to know how it works, I just want it to work.

I have some great original artwork done by our in-house graphic designer, Esther, which I would love to use to freshen up my look, but my in-house tech dude, Ian, is usually out of the house (out-house?) and won't return my calls.

What's a non-tech savvy woman to do? Please don't tell me to read an html manual. I would rather be attacked by weasels.

Any tips. Suggestions. Words of wisdom. Throw me a bone, anybody.


Olivia said...

I use cutest blog on the block for templates, and photoshop for banners, etc.

Christy said... has TONS of templates, too

Stephanie said...

I looked up free templates and found some really nice ones. Just type in blogger templates and you can download one, it's pretty easy.

Evenspor said...

If you want to e-mail me the pictures and a rough idea of what you want with them I could make you a banner or background or whatever.

evenspor at gmail dot om

Brooke G. said...

If html makes you quiver then you may want to consider using a template that you can download. I like shabby chic - here is the link:

Email me and I can help you make a banner with your artwork, I really don't mind :D

Momfor reader said...

Odd that you mention this - I had noticed you were changing your banner (I only think this is the name of the box at the top now that you complained about it not being what you wanted) picture - I loved the one of you and Ian the other day.

Marathon Mommy said...

Oh me too, me too! (The sad and ironic thing is that I get paid to be creative for a living and yet my blog looks like something out of Generics-R-Us.) :-(

Betsy said...

You guys are so cool. Just give me a month, or so, to get right on this.
No really. First I need to take a good picture, or scan, of Esther's artwork, then I can proceed.
Momforeader: I like that one too. I've put it back. The only problem with it is I think I might be picking my nose.:)

txwinter said...

I don't have any advice, unfortunately, but I LOVE the picture of you and Ian. So sweet. (I also really like that swing coat ;)

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

I'm with txwinter -- the pic of you and Ian is really sweet.

I got nuttin' for you (I use WordPress and can only upgrade to cuter stuff if I *pay* them, so I do the best I can with mine, too), but it looks like things are being handled by others. I'm looking forward to seeing what shows up!

Take care...

Emilyplays said...

I agree with the consensus - it is all about tweeking templates. I don't DO HTML personally! I've abandoned my blog for a bit while we put back together our gutted house. Demolition is so fast, the rest soooo slow.
It sounds like you have offers of help, and I'm happy to pitch in again too! I'd suggest getting some crayons or colored pencils and see if you can figure out what you want it to look like - keeping it within the basic bloggy layouts. Or maybe Esther could design it, I know you've said you're not the crafty one!

txwinter said...

Oh and you do totally deserve your fans and supporters. Your writing has made me laugh, cry and think. You and Catherine Newman are my favorite bloggers.