Monday, August 23, 2010

Mountain stream

Some days are better than others.
 But when you come home after a long time away,
 and you happen to be home in time to catch the late August butterscotch-sun season,
and you find your favorite swimming hole
and nobody else is there,
and you've got your long lost dog with you,
and oh how you've missed your dog,

and the maple creamee stand on the way home from the swimming hole is still open,

the day seems somehow perfect.
More about coming home, here.   


Joy said...

What a perfect day! :)

mooserbeans said...

How perfect!

Anonymous said...

The photo essay was the BEST!

No, really the other post just made me jealous, but this one was like a poem in photos, ok, it did have words. From Frend Jenny

Megan said...

This is one of my favorite posts. I can almost smell the trees and hear the water and taste the ice cream. Perfect Day!!