Friday, August 27, 2010

Things we like to do in Vermont

Coming home to Vermont just to visit has been overwhelming. I can't help but want to try to do every last thing I have missed doing. Things we can't, or don't, do in France. It is a mission doomed to fail. But we have made it to the dentist, and to the swimming hole, and the racetrack, and across the Pawlet Flats a thousand times, and up to deer knoll, and, of course, to Martha's house. 
 martha's shoes

Martha's train

the way to her old school
Pawlet flats, again
washing hands at Martha's
The dentist. No cavities after one year and a half. Smug much?
New England
Dress up time
frog pond
Bernadette, an old friend

Deborah's Falls


Emma said...

oooh betsy- reading this makes me feel homesick, and i am sitting in my loungeroom. How will you feel about returning to France? And how have the girls coped with going back to speaking english all the time?

Irishmama7 said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you are enjoying yourselves. Your photos make me want visit Vermont, right now. :) Relax and enjoy!

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

I'm so behind on reading, here, and on Babe's Blog, Betsy. Vacation and life has interrupted the reading schedule.

I love the new blog design here, and these photos are great. I am so happy for you that you had this much-needed reconnection to your homeplace. I have to say that it looks idyllic!

I have not seen on either blog when you are returning to France (the info may be there, but I admit I skimmed). I hope that if you have yet to return that the journey will be smooth. I'm guessing with the rentrée being tomorrow that you are likely back in the sticks in the middle of Burgundy, though. :)

Best as you get back into the French groove, Betsy!


Anonymous said...

It's KiminAZ:
I love the pictures, Betsy. There are so many fun outdoorsy things to do in Vermont. I sure do miss the look and smell of all that green.

Anonymous said...

From KiminAZ:

I forgot to ask you if you've had a chance to check on your house to see if it's still standing. I'm hoping that the leaves start to change before you leave so that we can get a glimpse of those beautiful red maple leaves.

Betsy said...

kim: the house is indeed still standing. And there has been a young- Bob Dylan poster added to the wide collection of Jerry Garcia posters. Better than Playboy centerfolds.