Sunday, November 07, 2010

Your shoes are on the wrong feet again, dear

We're on the eve of Isla's fifth birthday, and, well..... Isla still doesn’t seem to get it.

I don’t think she cares, really. Why should she?

But I can’t help but wonder, when will she care? When will she try? Does it matter?

Will this apathetic little habit lead to a lifetime of chronic, pathological odd -sock wearing? (I was an odd sock wearer. It was a possibly one of my first, in a long line of, mini rebellions.)

Is this some indication of future rebellious and anti-authoritarian behavior?

Will her feet start turning out like a duck?

That said, I don’t like some of the tactics adults use to get their kids to put their shoes on the right feet.

An acquaintance of ours sees no problem in saying, “That’s just stupid” when his two, yes two, year old puts her shoes on the wrong feet.

I think he’s stupid.  I think anyone who calls children stupid is stupid. 

This is why, at this point, I have taken to remaining silent. If she likes the way her shoes look and feel when they are on the wrong feet, then who am I to tell her it's wrong, or weird, or stupid.

And if she doesn't like it,  she'll figure out how to change it.



Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a mom at work ... Her two year old, I think it may have been, puts her shoes on the wrong feet so Mom leaves 'em that way, saying, "She'll figure out for herself." I absolutely loved that thinking! So much better, I thought, then saying, "No! Your shoes are on the wrong feet again. Come here so I can fix it." I tried leaving my preschools in their shoes when they put 'em on the wrong feet but the other teachers didn't think it was right thing to do ... so they yell at the kids that you're putting your shoes on the wrong feet. Apparently that's so much more appropriate.


Anonymous said...


Right on Betsy! I think that all of my kids have started out putting their shoes on the wrong feet. Guess what? With the exception of the little kids, NONE of them do it anymore! And none of them have had problems with their feet, either.

Laree said...

I read an idea somewhere a couple of years ago that really helped at my house: write your child's name in their shoes. But seperate it. So in the left shoe, you write "Is" and in the right one "la". That way, she can spell her name to put her shoes on the right way. Both of my kiddos, it only took a month or so before they were getting all their shoes right all the time.

Honestly, I swear it has to be more comfortable to kids sometimes - or they'd fix it sooner!

cbs111 said...

My 4 1/2 year old always puts his shoes on the wrong feet. He has CARS shoes and so we tell him to rotate his tires. It makes him laugh and he does it.

Kathleen Trail said...

I remember back in my teen years, I was babysitting this adorable girl, Carly, who had her shoes on the wrong feet. I mentioned it to her and she immediately crossed her legs so that they at least looked "right".... Gotta say now that I've got my own, I totally agree with your approach.

Seamingly Sarah said...

Ah - if only the leave it alone approach would work for my finicky daughter. If a mitten, a hat, socks or even her shoes "feel wrong" it induces whining and crying for mommy to fix it. She loves to say "no, try again." I just ask myself - is this really a hill I want to die on? =)

onemusingmama said...

I saw a picture of my friend's daughter wearing sunglasses upside-down. I commented that my son (same age, almost 2 years old) does the same thing! She thinks that upside-down sunglasses and shoes on the wrong feet fit more tightly and are less likely to fall off. I say, at least he's wearing them!

Betsy said...

Isla loves her sunglasses upside down. She's a nonconformist, all the way.