Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Halfway house

Thank God the mountains are still there. Always there. It's comforting to know some things are permanent.

By the look in her eye I would say she is still a bit skeptical we're staying.

Esther teaching her friends how to tickle frogs.

Remember screen doors?

How wonderful to have a pet again.

Isla is so thrilled to discover she has a dog.

It won't stay looking this serene, or clean, for long.

Isla's new favorite spot. She bumps her head each and every time she gets up.

Don't go, Ruby!

No trouble finding parking out here.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, peaceful "halfway house"! It looks like the places I've always dreamt of visiting. We don't have anything like that where I live here in Australia. Hope you and the girls are settling back in. As always love the photos and love reading.

cecile said...

Beautiful house ! Screen doors... I would definitely miss that if I ever went back to France.

Anonymous said...

Looks like home! I hope that you're having a smooth readjustment period. How long before you get back into your house? Did the big party happen yet? I'd be torn about going to it. I wouldn't want to go, but this other part of me would feel desperate to see my house and make sure that it made it through the night unscathed......

You're right about those mountains. They're always there. They're also still beautiful and I miss them. The pictures even make the air seem crisp and clean like I remember it. The smell of farms wafting across the fields..... Wait, this means that you got your laptop to recognize your camera again?! Looking forward to more pictures.


Seamingly Sarah said...

you're making me miss vermont and i'm only in new york!

Suddenly Jamie said...

Beautiful place, Betsy. Looks like the kind of place I'd like to run away to. ;) Idyllic. And it looks like your whole family (including the four-legged members) are really soaking it all up. Wonderful! Welcome home.

Emilyplays said...

Oh Welcome Home, Betsy! I read back and caught up a bit. I hope the time with out Ian flies by. Vermont and your temporary cabin look lovely. Your wonderful photos capture how I wish I was feeling about Spring. The warm wood and cheery daffodils makes me sigh.

Attend the graduation party? Some things are better left a mystery!

I understand about commercial radio, it rips into my thoughts with the ads and news. But I've found a friend in Pandora.com - perhaps when you have the interweb at home again.

Emma said...

oh how pretty! Not a bad half way house, if you have to have one. Makes me want to pack my bags and come visit :)

Iron Rider said...


Betsy said...

It's even more peaceful in the rain.

mooserbeans said...

I want to live there! Your girls are getting really big, by the way.