Friday, June 24, 2011

Floor refinishing is better than Prozac

As I write, a capable carpenter/friend (as much as I want to, I won't mention his cuteness) is refinishing our downstairs floors. I am paying him to patiently sand layer upon layer, however many it takes, and strip all the evidence of debauchery, disrespect and corruption away.

We peeked through the windows the day before yesterday to see him barefoot, God-like, walking slowly, intently, behind a large sanding machine contraption thingy.

And, with just a few day's work transformation has occurred. With the first sanding, the floors looked exposed, infantile, like a blanched almond. Innocent and new. Esther wants it to stay this way, but it needs to be treated. I imagine there would be a hazardous splinter factor otherwise.

Seeing the floors in this new, purified state, unfortunately made me take a closer look at the walls. They are grungy. And I can actually see myself making hypnotic passes with a roller, feeling more and more optimistic with each delicious pass. This, if I may state the obvious, is progress.

Yesterday, we peaked in to see the floors had gotten a first, or second, coating of sealant, or stain, or whatever it is. No longer bleached, they looked like honey, rich, golden sun-tanned honey. Honey that would make Winnie the Pooh swoon. They looked like something straight out of Swiffer advertisement. Shit, I can't let kids in there. I might have to rethink my liberal views on indoor bike riding and rollerblading...

Today, after another go over with the sander, the floors looked as if they were actually enjoying the attention. I think the old house might be considering forgiving us for so heartlessly prostituting it, simply because we wanted to taste the grass on the other side of the fence.

We'll be making up to it, one day at a time.

Sorry no pictures. I stuck my camera through the hole in the plastic, dust curtain and snapped a few shots of this perfect floor. Problem is, my startup disk is still moaning and creaking from being "almost full" and I am sick and tired of deleting photos to try to make room for more photos. I need to figure out what is making my startup disk suffer from indigestion so regularly, before I import any more photos. Any clues?


Emma said...

sorry, no clues on your start up disk... can you put your photos on an external hard drive or something? I just expect my computer to work, and when it doesn't i switch it off and walk away, hoping that it will sort itself out before i come back!

I can imagine it must be uplifting to see your house undergo this transformation. You literally are stripping away the time that you weren't there. Enjoy you new, clean, unmarked floor while it lasts! (I bet the girls will get a hoot out of sliding across them in socks ;) )

-alex said...

Hi Betsy,

I left a comment on BC, but I'm glad I stopped by here for the latest. That's so exciting about the floors!

We once lived in a house with seriously sooty walls from an oil furnace. I recommend fake TSP and lots of dropcloths to protect those precious floors. If the washing doesn't bring them back, at least you are all ready for painting.

If you have never used a fillable paint roller (like a Wagner Paint Mate Plus Roller) I highly recommend them.

Now if you can just find more camps for your girls so you can buckle down! :-)

Robin said...

So glad to hear about the floor/outlook improvement! I have no computer suggestion whatsoever--I use the same method of computer repair mentioned by Emma.

Anonymous said...


I have an external hard drive. I plug it into my laptop, move all of my data to it and then delete everything from the original drive (reformat). Sometimes computers need to be cleaned out and run from scratch...... Kind of like what's happening to your house. Sort of a parallel house/computer revamping. Kind of a serendipity realization. I love that word!

Glad to know that the floors are getting a once (or twice)over. I'm feeling painting coming on. Maybe your super-fine ("God-like"?) carpenter friend can paint too.

Sounds like things are getting better. How's Ian doing with the farm house? When is he due to come home?

Tina G said...

Oh, I think I can smell the new floors after reading that post! I think this is a turning point, too....hope it continues to re-kindle your homecoming.

sharonhofmann said...

Freshly redone wood floors are the best. You are right, you can't let the kids in there. Or anyone! :)

Mama Badger said...

Yippee! You're talking about Winnie the Pooh instead of sounding like Eeyore ;)

I have a socks only rule on my newer hardwood. On the old one, do what you will. But the shiny ones? Socks, and clean ones at that.

mooserbeans said...

New floors can leave you feeling wonderful. Then the kids come in and you turn pychotic:) As in no food in here! No paint! no markers! I think the girls will understand about no more indoor bikes:) I am happy for you! Pick a nice paint color next!

Irishmama7 said...

So glad you are almost able to be back to fully enjoying your home. If you want my DH can walk you through some computer help or at least diagostics :) Just drop me an email and I will connect you.
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