Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I can stand the rain

I walked my dog through the foggy meadow today as the softest rain I have ever felt fell on our heads and rolled off. I have missed soft rain.

While everyone curses the water that falls from this swollen, bruised, overwrought sky, I have been rejoicing in all things rainy and wet. I have missed the rain.

It rained in France, sure, but never for long. I cannot remember a single rainy day. Rainy mornings, sure. An afternoon rain shower, maybe. But never did I spend a fully-committed, all-day, or all night, under the clinging roof of a sagging, leaky gray sky. I have missed rainy days.

My daughters have learned to love rain, like me. While everyone looks to the sky and frowns, grimaces, and complains, they have learned the benefits of smiling at the rain. They notice how colorful the world looks when it's wet. Leaves are greener, dirt is richer brown, rocks go from drab and unremarkable to strikingly beautiful. And those orange effs are psychedelic. 

And the inside world changes too. Warmer. More inviting. Shelter. Our roof is a drum, the skylights are cymbals.

And no one expects you to go outside when it's raining. No one calls you on the phone midday, then says, "What are you doing inside on a day like this?" when you say "Hello."

"Oh I love days like this when it's so dark and wet outside and so cozy inside," Esther said just now after an entire, boring afternoon spent inside.

"So do I," I said. "So do I."

I love the rain.  

More words have fallen out of my mouth over at Momformation. 


Jane said...

I'm so with you on this one Betsy. I love rainy days, being nice and cozy inside while watching or listening to the rain fall outisde. Unfortunately our area is very drought prone so full rainy days are very rare.

Angela said...

Oh, I love the link - thanks!!! Know what you mean about the soft, soft rain (well, I come from north west England, it doesn't rain like that in this part of Germany - I really miss those days too).


mooserbeans said...

We love days "when it's so dark and wet outside and so cozy inside" too!

Stephanie said...

I've been silently reading your posts on Babycenter and here for a while now, and I thought now might be a good time to say thank you--thank you for the crisp and uncluttered (and yet poignant and poetic) way you describe the world around you. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing so much of yourself and your family with the world.

I love the rain, too. When my daughter hears thunder, she'll ask to "go see," then we'll stand the back porch and listen and watch while the rain falls. The way you describe rainy days is perfect.

Betsy said...

Thank you, Stephanie. That's nice to hear. I could go on and on about the rain,but my poetic bone has been on sabbatical lately.

Betsy said...

@Angela: Isn't that a great song?

Angela said...

Hi Betsy, yes - hadn't heard of them before, but I think I might buy an album....!

Anonymous said...


I always loved the rain. Walking in it, dancing in it, singing in it, falling asleep to the sound of it on the roof.............. More things to miss. Do you know that we don't even get morning dew here?! I miss the way that it feels and smells. The way that it looks outside in those early morning hours when the dew is on the ground,it's still semi-dark and almost foggy, and the air is still crisp. I loved sitting there listening to the natural quiet with small peeps and rustlings from nature. Betsy, you just keep making me want to come home more and more!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with stephanie more. Your writing is so honest and graceful. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

Emma said...

Bee-you-ti-full! We don't really get that kind rain here- it either pours or it doesn't rain for weeks.
Your post sounded like you are starting to feel a little better?

Living Down Under said...

Ooooh soft rain...something to look forward to! Over here it just pours down (which I also love but it's not as easy to go out in without getting soaked to the skin). I love the sound of the rain on a tin roof. We spent some months in Africa (Before Kids) and rented a room in this family's home. I would lie awake at night listening to the rain fall on that roof...beautiful! Even the thunder was louder... Thanks for the imagery!

Meowmie said...

I miss those softy, rainy days, too. I remember them from when I was a child in Tasmania. Seems there were plenty of days where I was cooped up inside, but found joy in reading, curled up on an armchair, listening to the rain.

I now live in a considerably drier city. Bah!