Thursday, June 09, 2011

Signs of life

Not my photo. I stole it from here.

After a week of fantasizing about delivering a festering couch and various other scraps of junk to the new front lawn of my pesky rental tenant, I pulled into my drive this evening to discover that said couch, which my grunting dad and I hoisted and dragged out to the porch, and those other unsightly life scraps, were gone. My porch was empty again. Mine again. Exhale.

The boy was good on his word. Guilt.

Of course the infamous minifridge is still in the attic bedroom and there was that onerous pile of dog puke on the porch where the couch had been, but I'm choosing to overlook that at this point.

More important still, on the way into the practically-vacant supermarket I was beckoned by a forlorn, but bright, hanging geranium plant by the front door and plopped it down in my cart before I went in to shop.

On the way back to my parent's cabin, the one I have been feeling like I may never move out of, I instinctively pulled onto our road and into my driveway and stepped out into the watery evening to hang the geranium from the wrought iron plant hanger by the front steps.

Symbolism is a good word, a word that feels right and safe in my mouth at this very moment. Having the energy and optimism and motivation to stop and hang that plant up on my porch is nothing to be ignored.

This is progress. This is something. This.... is noteworthy.

On another worthy note, I went into ask to the post mistress to hold my mail, since I discovered the mailbox was not actually attached to its post--I tried to open it and it fell into the ditch-- and she said she would. I told her I was working on getting a new mailbox and post set up, but just needed to find myself a rent-a-husband. At that very moment, my neighbor, one of the many handsome carpenters in town, walked in the door. (I mention that he is handsome simply because, well, he is.)

"There is your rent-a husband right there," the postmistress said, laughing. 

He told me he would put a new post up for me and I should keep my eye out for exactly which model of mailbox post I wanted and now I can't stop commenting on each and every mailbox post I pass.

Who knew there were so many styles to choose from.

All this to say, things are happening.

And, just in case my real, not rented, husband reads this, here is a love song to reassure him. 

Essie and Isla are in charge of custom designing our new mailbox.

More oversharing over here at Momformation.


Jane said...

What a great idea getting the girls to customise the mailbox! That's a great start to making it feel more like your home again.

Living Down Under said...

Glad you're out of your funk! Your post had a really "hopeful" quality about it. Gorgeous!

Robin said...

Hey, if some nice neighbor is going to help you with some home improvement, you might as well enjoy his handsomeness!

Betsy said...

Exactly. God I sure hope Ian knows how much I love him. :)

Betsy said...

When Ian starts a blog and mentions the gorgeous French neighbor, or, worse yet, "rent-a wife" I will see the error of my ways.

Robin said...

So I guess the key is quietly enjoying the handsomeness...

allison said...

BTW- loved the shoes in your last entry.

Emma said...

Nothing wrong with enjoying the scenery, Betsy! You sound like you're inching towards happiness again, I'm glad! The new letterbox looks fantastic, btw.

andrea frazer said...

I am glad to hear your spirits are rising.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Hi Betsy! It's been so long since I have had an extra moment to stop by and give everything a good read. And I've only just gotten to this post so far & will likely have to come back another time to catch up on past posts that share how things have been going (and you don't overshare, lol -- I've read some blogs that do, and yours is nowhere near that! I think you have the perfect amount of sharing, frankly, and I love it when I can come here and read).

Anyway, sounds like there has been a job of some clean up going on. Ugh. How handy that a rent-a-husband came in so fortuitously! And was it not great to negotiate all that without having to think so hard about the vocabulary and grammar and so on?! :) I love the mailbox decoration. Photo of the finished project, in place, pretty please.

Okay, I am here because I have a friend who is having a tough pregnancy, and I wanted to find that post where you wrote about having a tough one(s) to link for her. Then I promise I will be back ASAP to find out about the moving-back-into-your-home drama, and note that things have already improved, as symbolized by the geranium. Yay for geraniums!

Be well, Betsy, and hope that things continue to improve.


Betsy said...

Karin: Thanks for dropping in again. You will see the finished mailbox in full color. I promise.

Mama Badger said...

I wish we lived somewhere we were allowed to paint our mailbox! The girls are doing a beautiful job. And it sounds like you're starting to get back into the swing of things, too. Nothing like someone coming through to bring out the optimism.