Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sundays are good to us

I have been meaning for months to start doing a weekly, image-driven Sunday post.

Sundays have long since been my favorite day for some reason. This was not always the case. I hated Sundays when I was in high school and college. Sundays meant imminent return to the drudgery of school. The end of freedom.

Since becoming a parent, though I do have this strange Saturday morning anxiety affliction, Sundays often mark imminent return of freedom and the sense of relaxed contentment that comes with it.

Does this mean I hate spending weekends with my family? No.

Proof of that lies in just how much I enjoy Sundays with my children And my children often reflect that serenity right back at me in the form of cohesive sibling relations and the promise of, if not world, then at least domestic peace.

They play well together on Sundays, usually. They get into home, being home, appreciating home, walking to Grant's store for the Sunday New York Times, sitting around the fire, making potions, dressing up, hanging around in the horse barn...

It's the one day home feels consistently good and right to all of us. Here's a compilation of images from the last three or four or five or six or seven Sundays:

 Just them putting on their bathrobes speaks volumes about their complacent moods. The fact that I don't own a bathrobe,  also speaks volumes.

 Today was no exception. The girls, Esther and Isla, shared several increasingly-rare consecutive hours of supreme solidarity. I even fell asleep on the couch to the sounds of their voices, cooperating and mutually respecting, as Esther found and cutomized a stick horse for Isla, then they groomed and tacked up their horses. When I woke up, they were schooling the horses over a jump course on the yard.

 Yup, in their stockinged feet.

Too bad the day has to end.


Jane said...

That's the way Sundays should be. Love the pics.

AdrianneP said...

The picture of the girls on the couch -- is Isla seriously reading that book in her hand or is she just pretending??? That's amazing if she is : )

Betsy said...

Adrienne P: She thinks she is. And that is all that matters. For the full answer, check out my latest Momformation post:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Betsy! so fun to meet you on Friday night!! christine anderson

Betsy said...

Likewise, Christine. It would have been even more fun if we could have split the $10,000. (:

Robin said...

Although nearly every day with my kids contains a bit too much bickering (mostly them with each other, but too often me with one of them, alas), there are those nice moments of cooperation, and I seem to see them on Sundays, too. Yesterday I got out of the shower and eavesdropped on my kids in the dining room below, where my 7.5-year-old daughter was showing her 3.5-year-old brother how to write some letters. Which is something he has never shown interest in to anyone else. She was telling him what a good job he was doing. And apparently he was--she later told me that he wrote some recognizable letters, which he certainly has never done before. How sweet were they?!

Sue Kol said...


Betsy said...

Robin. They sound incredibly sweet. I love those scenes.

Anonymous said...

Betsy, thanks to my mom I have two bathrobes. Strangely, I don't lounge around the house on Sunday in mine either. I'm more of a sweatpants and sweatshirt girl!

Funny I was thinking "AHHHHH, the socks!" when I saw them running around outside in stocking feet. I'm always getting on my kids about that very thing. You wouldn't think that I'd have to with the amount of poky things that live here.... Kids getting along and getting a bit of a nap is worth some muddy socks, though. Besides, they look like they're having so much fun!

Also, I love the sledding pictures. I remember those few years in VT when it just didn't snow much. We still pulled out the toboggan's and did the muddy slush-n-slide too!


Sheri said...

Hi Betsy, I too love Sundays and like you, that wasn't always the case. When I was younger I dreaded them! Now I look forward to them, it does feel like a day just for family (even if they turn into busy, lesson-filled days now and then).

My favourite part is their bath time, right after an early Sunday supper, all 3 girls in their pjs, smelling so fresh, cuddled up in our bed watching the Wonderful World of Disney. There is nothing more heavenly!

I love love love your photos!

Kingsmom said...

I find Sunday's more enjoyable too. I think I try too hard to squeeze to much into Saturday. Like I have to clean, cook, organize from the week. Sunday is just a day to enjoy.

I love the pics. One leads me to ask...should I start the King on skis or can I put him on a snowboard? Both dad and I board, but I skied as a kid. We're jonesing for snow...

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