Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What she looks forward to the most

A friend of mind asked Esther what she looked forward to the most about Ian coming home.
Her answer was unexpected.

"I look forward to my mom not being so stressed."

For a split second, when my friend related this to me, I felt ashamed. Ashamed that my stress was the first thing on my ten-year-old daughter's mind.

Then, like the sun coming out from behind a menacing cloud, I saw the beauty lurking within that loaded statement. The beauty and the simplicity.

She gets it, that girl. She gets it.

And the fact that she was thinking of how this homecoming will benefit me, thus benefiting her in the very best of ways-- happy mom, happy child-- just makes me want to shout Hallelujah! from the rooftop.


Unknown said...

She shows a level of maturity beyond her years with that statement. She is an amazing young lady.

mooserbeans said...

You are an awesome Mom who has raised a compassionate and aware young lady.

Jane said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful, unselfish thing to say. You have an amazing daughter. Or should I say daughters!

Kingsmom said...

That Esther...such an old soul.

Anna said...

How perfect is that??!! What a wonderful kid, that Esther is!

Liliana Holtzman said...

Halleluiah indeed!

What is more precious than your daughter's love and understanding?