Tuesday, May 08, 2012

One day left of flying without a co-pilot

One more day.

I've come over all domestic and wifely. Well sort of. Yesterday I folded and put away 25 pounds of laundry, stuff that has been sitting in baskets, on top of the machines, for at least three months. Wierd.  Why now? I guess I am fairly sure we're staying. Might as well move in....

Should I be out partying to celebrate my last day of being a single woman? Oh yea. I can't. No one will be here to take care of the kids. Which reminds me of some of the things I will be able to do, things I've almost forgotten were possible, once there is another adult in the house:

Not cook dinner
Take a walk at any given time of day even if it's 5 a.m. or nine p.m.
Go for a three-hour mountain bike ride on a Saturday instead of going to soccer.
Not cook dinner
Not build a fire
Not feed the horses.
Not feed the dog.
Not read a book to the kids even when I'm so tired I'm cross eyed.
Not put the kids to bed
Not even be home at dinner time.
Take a bike ride instead of eating dinner. 
Not be home at bedtime.
Go to a book signing at our local independent bookstore every Saturday night.
Play ice hockey at 10 p.m.
Not bring the kids to school in the morning once in a while.
Not pick the kids up after school once in a while.
Not get out of bed once in a while.
Go to bed before dinner once in a while.
Not drive once in a while.
Ride in the passenger seat.
Ride in the passenger seat.
Ride in the passenger seat.

Oh yea, have someone to hold onto when I sleep.

And, thanks Anna, write a book proposal and start pulling together my long-dreamed of, much procrastinated book about our journey to France, and back.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm strangely tired and also strangely apathetic, and totally frustrated because it would seem there isn't a single hotel room available in all of the greater Boston area  tomorrow night. We were hoping to stay the night and take the kids to the Aquarium or science museum in the morning. Graduation season interferes.

Ian's flight comes in at 6:30. By the time he gets through baggage and customs, he apparently has another interview at the airport before they let him through-- gale-force sigh-- it will probably be 7:30. 8:00 maybe. We live almost four hours from Boston. Completely doable, but painful. I will have to drive because Ian' will be jet-lagged, on the wrong time, incapacitated until he gets some sleep.

No passenger seat for me for a couple more days......

Has anyone tried that six-hour energy stuff?


mercedes said...

I've tried it but to be honest I can't tell if it worked or not. I didn't feel tired or super energetic...just normal I guess. Since I wasn't feeling tired I guess it did work?? Anyhoot, I'll be at Logan tomorrow too picking up my mom at 6pm. So weird...small world. I hope all goes well with the hubster.

Rachel said...

There looks to be some availability through Kayak.com, granted I have no idea of what area you'd need in Boston.

1 more day and you can breathe!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm so excited for you Betsy!!! Today is the day. TODAY IS THE DAY. I can't imagine the feelings you and the kids must be experiencing. Can't wait to hear your recap and see some amazing homecoming pictures.

Keep talking, we're listening.

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

My god that took FOREVER. I'm SO GLAD that the day is nearly here, however, and you will be able to put the ordeal behind you. Kudos for hanging on so strong, and bon courage as you all re-adjust to one another's presence.

Enjoy that passenger's seat, my friend. You deserve it!

And a very happy homecoming to Ian.

You all take care!

Anna said...

Okay, Betsy. Now for the book!! You have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And most of the material. Easy?!

Betsy said...

We're on the same page, Anna. The very same page. Funny I forgot to add that to my list of things I have no excuse but to do now....

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing a theme here.... Oh yeah, it called a little bit of freedom!

It will be great to be back together.

I think that I speak for everyone when I ask you to take lots of reunion pictures and post them for us to see. We all love a good happy cry!

Blow a kiss to Boston for me!


Was Living Down Under said...


Not much else to say but that :)

Stephanie said...

Finally!!! Adrenaline will be pumping for all. involved. It will be the shortest Boston to Vermont drive ever. Welcome back to your family, Ian!

Anna said...

So glad to hear that!!

Anonymous said...

One more sleep... one more sleep... one more sleep. So glad for you. You've made us, well me anyway, appreciate what was here all along... have a wonderful day and weekend, h-e-l-l-o breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.

alouise said...

I am so, so excited for you and your girls!! I wish you a safe and wonderful trip into Boston and an amazing, romantic reunion with your partner in crime!

TerraD said...

My husband swears by those 5-hour energy things. I fear I would get jittery, but he says they don't do that, so maybe it's worth a shot for you. Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hooray hooray HOORAY!


Anne said...

Finally!! This is so wonderful! and in a few days' time, do think of us, and post some pictures!!

Seamingly Sarah said...

you mountain bike! and hip hip hurray for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Yes, 5 hour energy shots are awesome! Only take half of it the first time, some people get too jittery and think they're having a heart attack.

Michelle M said...

Betsy - I use the 5-hour energy shots every now and then, and I think they definitely work ... no jitters, just clear headed and not tired.

If you don't get a room in Boston, I would definitely suggest one, but I think you may have that initial endorphine rush from seeing Ian that you might not even need it ... then again you may have such a feeling of relief that all you want to do is sleep ... I hope you can find something in Boston ... would be so much better if you could all just enjoy your reunion and get a good's night's sleep without that long drive home at night. ;)

I'm so happy for you, Ian and your girls to all be together again!

Kingsmom said...

I'm so happy for you guys. I'll be thinking of you all since I'll just be sitting down to dinner at 8pm your time.

BTW...they should call those things 5 day energy not 5 hour.

mooserbeans said...

Yay!!! So happy for you all. I am a big fan of the passenger seat. We all need a co-pilot.

kindu said...

Love your blog, have been following it for a while now. Check out Air B&B for a place to stay in Boston. My PT said it worked for her in NYC when she coudn't get a room. Good luck and enjoy....

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