Friday, May 11, 2012

The whole, now embarrassing, story of Ian's arrival

The Vermont landscape just got even more beautiful and perfect than it already was.

I just posted, if you are interested in the ugly details, over here on the Babycenter Blog.  Sorry to do that for you, but.. there it is. Happy weekend.


AdrianneP said...

Oo Betsy, I hope *you* have a happy weekend!! After reading your BabyCenter post I was also hoping that you are on vacation for the next two weeks (1 week?) so you can spend all that time getting to know Ian again (while the girls are at school ; )). Have a great time!


Emma said...

so so so so so happy for you guys! Sending best wishes your way.

Stephanie said...

Read it. Happy tears! I probably would have ended up buying the whole bottle from the top shelf and taken a giant swig containing several consecutive gulps right out of it! SO happy you're all together again!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Betsy, I cried huge tears when you posted the original story and am again. It's been an emotional week. My husband's younger brother passed away late at night on the evening of the 8th and we found out the morning of the 9th. My husband had been with him for several days, but his brother had to be flown in a jet to Albuquerque. He was with his wife and several family members when he passed.

So, it was good to hear that a happy reunion was happening for you. I read your post and it all just tore free. I was so happy for you when I saw those pictures of Isla holding onto her daddy and equally as happy when I saw the picture of you and Ian together. I love the way that you're looking at him. It's also great to see the Vermont landscape with Ian and the girls.

Thank you for sharing with all of us.


Liliana Holtzman said...

You are all together - that's all that matters. Hugs to you all.

alouise said...

Thank you for sharing your story. Sincerely.

parenthoodaworkinprogress said...

Ian. In the picture. Literally. And figuratively. A sigh of relief for you. My crazy amounts of exclamation marks posts to you is over now, and just calm peaceful happy for you that is he is there. With you. With your girls. Ahh. It happened. Now moving forward, now walking down street to school, now continuing on with life. As it should be. With him with you. Hugs.

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