Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You're no domestic diety , you

"You are no domestic diety. While wholly devoted to the ones you love, you prefer to leave the cleaning and nurturing to someone else. "

My mom read me this horoscope, for Sagittarius, from the newspaper today.  The tone of her voice suggested nothing less than full agreement with what it said in relation to who I am: her December-born daughter. The levity with which she read it suggested she found it highly amusing.
(I love my mother. She has never, not for a second, let on that she would want any of her children to be different than they are.)

It was then I chose to tell her that at one point on Father's Day morning, I found myself in the strange situation, okay it wasn't strange at all, it was totally typical, of watching, or at least being aware of, Ian vacuum the entire first and second floor, including the stairs, while I was working out on my stationary bike in the corner.

What I forgot to tell my mom was that this was after I had made him a very loving breakfast of French toast and bacon and fried egg with café au lait, which we ate, en famille, at the table, decked with a bouquet picked by Esther, in the back yard.

At one point, when Ian was vigorously shoving the power nozzle back and forth across our one hairy oriental carpet, and I was vigorously doing imaginary hill sprints, the unlikelihood of the situation struck me and I said

"What is wrong with this picture? Shouldn't you be golfing or something?"

"Probably," he said and continued on with his persistent need to suck every unattached particle from the room.

It was then I recalled a conjured up memory from some long, surreal weeks ago, the last time I gave the house a complete two-floor, move the couch and pick up the chairs vacuum job.

That had been on Mother's day.


We're even Steven again. As it should be.


Was Living Down Under said...

Brilliant. I waited all day for this :)

I love how you capture snippets of your life. A snapshot of a moment in time. I'm not sure your life is as romantic as it seems but it does get me thinking perhaps if I started capturing little bits of mine then perhaps, on the whole, it won't seem so mundane?

It occurs to me, you have the start of a story...
"It was, in their household, on holidays like this one, that the house was truly scrubbed down so that at the end of the day, the floors shone and the glass sparkled."

I think I need to work on how to describe a clean house! :)

Kathleen Trail said...

My poor husband had to take care of me & both our girls last Father's Day because I was sick as a dog. It all comes out in the wash - or the vacuum filter, as it were.

Actually, this made me think of when my husband was in the Navy (I was a not very good at being a traditional military wife, for the record), they had Military Spouse Appreciation Day and my husband got to take the day off while I had to work. Such is the way of marriage and parenting.

Monica said...

I love your posts Betsy!

I had planned to bring breakfast to bed to my boyfriend on Father's day.
Except that because it was a sunday it was my only chance to sleep in a little bit and he decided to rise from bed at 7.30!! 6 Days a week I have to leave the bed at 6.30...
He actually brought ME breakfast to bed at around 10 am before our son woke up. haha
We were out most of the day after that so no one had to do any cleaning. :D

Jane said...

Father's day in Australia is celebrated in September and my husband has to share it this year with my birthday, so who gets to be spoilt that day??? Maybe we could have half a day each!

Betsy said...

Was living Down Under: Perfectly described, but possibly not true of our house. But it is true that the best way to get it clean is to invite people over. Sometimes when it is looking it's worse, I invite friends for dinner with just three hours to spare and I become the whilrling dervish of housekeepers.

Lady Jennie said...

That's so funny. Our Mother's and Father's Day are always just short of fail. The best was when my husband brought me breakfast in bed and I threw up the entire thing all over our bookcase because I was tangled in the sheets (and pregnant). I spent the morning wiping each individual book on four shelves. :-)

Anonymous said...

I always love your posts, Betsy. I always clean better under pressure too. It looks like you had a beautiful Father's Day breakfast. Since my husband hails from Texas I made a Father's Day dinner of country fried steak, homemade white gravy, biscuits, fried okra, and I threw in some broccoli so that I had something that didn't feel like it was hardening my arteries! Many years ago I had to get recipes from his 'mama' because I didn't have a clue how to cook southern food. She also taught me how to make 'sop chocolate' which they put on their pancakes, waffles, and pretty much anything else. For breakfast.


Sue Kol said...

This is just too funny Betsy! That's exactly what happened in our house too this year. I ended up cleaning on Mother's Day and my husband on Father's day after a lovely breakfast that our daughter and my niece made :)

Bek said...

Haha! Brilliant!

And that horoscope fits this December-born lady too. How funny. :)

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