Monday, July 16, 2012

Hay delivery

 The best part: That adorable little farm boy brought his sling shot and showed the girls how to use it.

 Isla had some trouble figuring out which way to hold it. "Pull it towards you, not away...."


Meowmie said...

Reminds me of hay-making season at the farm in Tasmania. Always prickly bits going down the gumboots!

Kathleen Trail said...

That reminds me so much of the fun we'd have at my grandparents' farm (here in Texas) playing in the barn... But Meowmie is right - it makes me itchy just looking at it.

PC said...

I just got Bloglovin and I've been waiting for you to update and see you in my blog queue. Yay :)

Isla's never seen Bart Simpson work a slingshot? :P

Truth? I don't think I've ever seen hay. I'm such a city slicker.

mooserbeans said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kingsmom said...

I love the Laura Ingalls aspect of Isla's pretty dress...very appropriate ;)

Seamingly Sarah said...

So many memories of growing up on a farm! But no matter how hot it was we always wore long pants and sleeves when unloading the hay into the barn otherwise your limbs would look like a pin pricked rash the next day. Ah, love it.

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