Friday, July 27, 2012

Motherhood interferes with blogging

Please excuse my absence. I am the world's lamest blogger. But I am, however, an extremely accomplished driver and I have mileage, gas bills, and a tan left arm to prove it.

Last week the driving requirements of getting my somehow over-scheduled kids from point A, to point B to point C, back to point A then, back to point B then over to point  D before returning to A in time for bed, nearly killed me.

I am so truly back in America there is absolutely no denying it anymore. Summer in France, with it's rolling, aimless, fresh-bread scented laziness seems like a dreamy, fragrant fantasy to me now.

I have wholeheartedly embraced the culture of overstructure, avoid downtime at all costs, drive your car like you stole it everywhere you go lest you be late, be late , always, anyway, heaven forbid someone else's kid get more enriched than mine, that keeps this country ticking like an insane time bomb.

I'm sort of kidding, but sort of not. My kids are having a happy, I think. At least they look pleased in the rear view mirror.

But if I have to sit in construction traffic in a sweaty car in 90- degree, 80- percent humidity weather one more time, I might have to kill myself.

Kidding, but sort of not, again.

Anyhow, it's over and we're still alive. I should have known when I signed Esther up for four different camps in a three week period,  and Isla for summer school and swimming lessons, that things would get kind of messy. Yet I couldn't resist. It's the American way. And I am a pure-bred American mouton.


More poor excuses over here on the BabyCenter Blog .


Was Living Down Under said...

This made me giggle. Mouton indeed.

I absolutely detest driving. Managed to avoid it the three years I was in Australia - being on foot is limiting in some respects but is so much less tiring and way better for you!

As for over structured kids. If you don't sign them up, they'll miss out won't they? On all the fun that camp has to offer? And where else will they learn all that stuff? And make those friends? You know camps are a rite of passage for children - surely you can't deny them that? Blaaaaaa Blaaaaa Blaaaaaa. Je pense que je suis un mouton aussi. Un mouton canadien :)

Anonymous said...

So Isla did go to summerschool! Hod did that work out for you and her. Yes, I too m driving, but at least one of my kids is too small for summer school.
Vom deutschen Schaaf, Antje

Anonymous said...

You still look very much like an OLYMPIC ATHLETE! Impressive!

Keep talking, we're listening.

Betsy said...

Isla did go to summer school. she has her final day tomorrow. We didn't have perfect attendance (: and it was admittedly a bit dull, but she enjoyed seeing some of her friends. What she didn't like so much was all the talk about numbers and letters. Socializing takes priority with this kid, obviously.
Danielle: Sigh.With about 15% more body fat than I used to have. Life is short, muscles aren't everything. At least that's what I try to convince myself. (:

Anonymous said...

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