Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Living room

Our living room doubles as a stage .

On certain days, often late afternoon or early evening, when the light is dying outside and glowing inside, we, each of us, simultaneously, get that sense that there is no place we would rather be than inside this house with each other.

We don't necessarily interact so much as we simply be, together.

Some do homework. While others dance. 

Isla was in a dancing mood last night. When she gets in the mood to dance, no one, nothing, not even the lack of music, can stop her.

And her ability to choreograph to the obscure rhythms in her head, I think, is remarkable. She's all grace and flow and creativity. That is until she dances herself right off her feet. She does that quite a lot.

But there are no borders to her dance floor. No limits to her style. No reservations hidden in her passion. No rules.

After she finished her homework, Esther practiced her own art. Contortions.
"Mom watch this. Look Mom. Mom, you're not watching."

This is what home is. This is what shelter is for. A space to move in, out of the elements, under one roof.
Room to live. In our living room.


Kathleen Trail said...

BEAUTIFUL - every bit of it. And it's like you stole my children. I too have a dancer and a flipper/contortionist.

Was Living Down Under said...

I love pictures of your house Betsy. The glow of the lamps, the wood, it's so warm and cozy and inviting. I'm not sure I would ever leave!

A dancer, a contortionist and a jumper. On any given day, that's who we've got in our living room.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful...simple yet moving Betsy...looks like a what home is mean't to be.

mooserbeans said...

Beautiful! Our house is the same. It is the place where my girls can most be themselves. Poetry with photographs:)

Clare said...

Aww Betsy, you have once again captured the essence of family life. Living together. Being together. Sharing together. Love it. I'm clinging to this idea today, first day of the the Toussaint holiday break. Thank you x

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lalala said...
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Damian Bathory said...

I know she's dancing and all that, but it seems like a pretty bare living room to me. Personally, I'd have a little more decor, some plants, and maybe a shoji screen or two in there as well.

Kobe Garnett said...

Nice house you got there, your children could freely play on your living, oh how I hope we have that much space so my child could play as well. You know even I visited the furniture outlet los angeles to be able to help me maximize the space I've got I just can't help collecting pieces of furniture.

Dominic Duncan said...

I think the house lighting you got there is quite dim, isn't? You could actually lighten the place by placing vibrant or light-colored floor panels apart from that it also makes an illusion that the area is wider.

Amy Atkinson said...

I'm more of an 'affordable granite countertops fan'. I would prefer putting mor of it in the living room. They make the room a bit colder during summer time. Tried and tested.

Condos Singapore said...

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Joseph Glover said...

I'm guessing that their kitchen is also made out of bricks. I hope that they uploaded a picture showing the design of their kitchen.

Louise B. Goldberg said...

I admire your cute little girl's talent. You must encourage her more to develop her skills further. By the way, I love your house's lighting. It also looks cozy. With that kind of family living in it, no doubt it is a happy home.

Poppy Parker said...

Wow! I must say that you are very lucky to have a very adorable daughter. Also I must say that you've got very nice home back there.

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