Friday, December 14, 2012

My right foot

 My Nikon Coolpix is officially deceased.

It's possible it could have been saved, but I chose not to resuscitate.

I'm looking at it right now. Face down and lifeless on the kitchen table.

I'm afraid I can't muster up too much sympathy for the thing. I never liked that camera.
Ian bought me this LG cell phone that takes pictures. I feel like a grownup now, being able to snap away with my phone. Now if only I could figure out how to e-mail them...

It's as primitive as it gets, I'm afraid. But some of the shots I've taken so far are kind of interesting.

 Esther's second birthday cake of the week. It was a near failure, but I successfully resuscitated it, gave it a pep talk about not identifying too deeply with it's aesthetic failings, and concentrating on the fact that it was beautiful on the inside.

 Not to mention fairly delicious. Thanks Martha Stewart. This recipe is the closest I can find. Seems she's discontinued the actual recipe we used. Yellow cake with lemon curd filling and chocolate frosting....

 Not too shabby in the right light.

 We went to a performance of the Messiah. Isla took pictures when she got bored, which was about fifteen minutes in.

 There's Isla's little hockey -short butt at Saturday morning Learn- to -Skate -to -play- hockey class...

 Can you smell it? One of my all-time favorite smells is balsam. I am a Christmas tree sniffer from way back. It drives Ian crazy when I judge trees by their smell.

 Pick this one, Daddy.

 Yup, this one smells like the right one. This camera doesn't like me in white. And where is my hair?

 Esther took this one: "Angel straddles Christmas light. "
A blur of lights....

 On a winter hike with my sister. Swear that camera puts 15 pounds on me...(:

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth......
Who needs teeth when you've got those eyes?

There. I've successfully blogged about nothing.

The real world feels kind of sad and disturbing right now. I feel bad, heartbroken, for those parents whose kids never came back from school today.

Sick actually.

Putting together this post was the only thing I could think of to get me away from the news updates. I'm tired of news updates.


AdrianneP said...

*Thank you* for the distraction from the news updates!! I can't breath, or think, or function when I think of what happened today, I cannot imagine what the people that lived it feel like. Now just saying that much makes me want to start crying (again).

Thank you again, for the distraction : )

Anonymous said...

I had to stop looking at the news. It's so heartbreaking.

Isla is adorable as usual. I love her missing teeth! Esther looks so grown up. I almost don't recognize her in the most recent pictures!

LOVE the tree! I'm completely with you on the SMELL!

Writing posts about nothing seems to be a good idea!


Anonymous said...

I sit crying at my desk here at work from reading & thinking about those children & their parents.Your statement: "The real world feels kind of sad and disturbing right now. I feel bad, heartbroken, for those parents whose kids never came back from school today." so accurately captures my feelings. Your blog definately didn't feel like nothing & readers like me appreciate these very relateable family images. In fact I'm finding it very hard to focus on anything at all other than the heartbreaking feeling. As I'm am so far removed from & not the parent to any of these little children, I know my grief is nothing comparable to theirs...still hard.

Anonymous said...


I thought I would suggest an article by writer/blogger Katie Allison Granju. She describes her first night without her son & relates it to the parents in CT.Very touching & powerful. If interested you'll find it under

PC said...

News suuucks. I already think of them often enough without the sucky news. Every time I wake up during the night I think of them.

You guys always look so outdoorsy! Love that about you guys.