Saturday, December 29, 2012

Outside there is much fluffy snow

It's falling right now. Has been all day. The garden fence outside my window has been dipped right down to the ground by a drift. All that was unsightly and out of place and unfinished about our yard just a few days ago has vanished underneath a cloak of cold perfection. The trees are no longer bare, dressed in finest white fur right down to their fingertips.

Some flakes are fatter than others. There's just enough room to slide under the fence on the sled if you lie flat.

 The best part is the quiet the snow brings. The peace. Falling, falling, falling without a sound. And no sound upon landing, except for maybe the tiniest sigh. My movement across it, on cross -country skis is quiet too.

 While the sight of it elicits shrieks of joy from all of our throats, I've also noticed a calming effect. I've caught my children lying motionless in their angel prints, or on their sleds, looking up at the sky, saying nothing, for minute after minute. Are they listening for something?

 My sister and I limboed under this laden branch yesterday, determined not to disturb the perfection. Then my father came through and, just like the boy he is, whacked the branch with his ski pole and watched it rise before him.

We skied up to his cabin to admire the view. It pained me to see it looking so uninhabited and remember that time changes everything. Everything must change.

 Except for this view,
 and the reassuring sound of ponies munching sweet feed
in the middle of a snowstorm.


Amanda Bombard said...

So beautiful!

PC said...

It finally came :)

cheyenna said...

So glad it snowed for you and your family!

MJP said...

Your pictures are outstanding! You have such a gift for telling a story through pictures.

Anonymous said...

I remember that quiet. It's perfection. Hearing your own breathing in the still air. Staring at the grey/white sky that's holding all of that quiet, perfect snow. Bliss.


alouise said...

In a time in my life where there is so little peace, your writing and your photos remind me that peace does still exist and I should keep striving for it for my family and for myself. Thank you.

Jenn in VT said...

I love the snow we have gotten. I took my daughter skiing for the first time; she will be 4 in February. It was wonderful! I will be hitting the slope soon with a friend so I can really enjoy it.

Rowena Brooks said...

Oh, Betsy, sometimes I envy your life. Your posts are so beautiful, and I miss the country life so much.

Here this year we have no snow (and I doubt we'll see it in the coming months - we're just below that damned jet stream).

Your photos are gorgeous. I want to see more! It makes me yearn for my younger days at my great grandparent's farm. Thanks for that. <3

mooserbeans said...

Sigh, I am simultaneously happy for you and jealous. Just beautiful!