Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Isla's trip to England: A poem

Ian took the girls to England during spring break to see his mother, who is sick in the hospital. Isla wrote this on her way home from the airport.

While their reasons for making the trip were more desperate than happy, they had a good visit with Granny that could very possibly be their last.  Isla stroked Granny's head and helped a nurse feed her. She and Esther both held her hand. Though it was hard to understand her because she is too weak to speak, Esther heard Granny say "I love you" when they left the hospital for the last time.

I'm so pleased they got to see her, their Granny who lives so far away. And I'm even more pleased she got to see them, her curious American grandchildren.

 by Isla

We went to Iagland
I had so much fun
The grass was green and the flowers wear bloming
And the sun was shing like an angul
I walked throw a feald of flowrs.
We went to Wales to see horeses jump like the wind
And their hovs thumping on the growd
Then the nest day we go swimming.
It is Ester sunday
I fill myself up with choclit
It is time to go home
I am sad to leave

Most recent stream of consciousness, which reads more like puddle jumping, can be found here on the BabyCenter Blog.


Anonymous said...

That's the young Vermont boy from Elm Street? Wow! He should be famous - soon, I hope. I liked that very much!

Anonymous said...

Betsy, I know it is hard to "live" on two continents. I live on the continent where my husband does and didn't make it to see my mom (and best friend) before she passed (on another continent ...she died right as a bought my ticket) So glad Ian and your daughters went to see his mom and could hear her once again tell all of them, "I love you". No doubt she was comforted by their presence. Those three words, "I love you", will resonate with them, all of their lives. Kim from BCN

Sue Kol said...

I love that poem, your daughter's got your way with words, Betsy. It's just wonderful.

Amy V Palmer said...

Lovely, Betsy. Isla's a beautiful writer.

Kathleen Trail said...

This may seem an out-of-place comment, but I wasn't sure if I went back to any of your older Baby Center posts that talked about Laura Ingalls Wilder if you'd see it. Thought you'd enjoy this letter from Wilder's daughter about edits to her book. Rose was a pretty contentious editor!