Friday, November 14, 2014


It's like not knowing how to pick up the phone and call that distant friend you waited too long to call.

It's being afraid, somehow, to just pop back into the picture and act as if nothing happened while you were away. Or being incapable of explaining what happened.

Because what happened was not all that remarkable. But at the same time it was, genuinely, remarkable.

What happened was life.

What happened was legs grew longer

What happened was we drove around a lot, mostly to soccer practice.

What happened was Ian's mother, Granny, died and we went to England to celebrate a life fully lived.

What happened was, we went to the beach and met a dog named Romeo.

What happened was, we painted

And painted

What happened was,we climbed some mountains

And looked out at more mountains. And swam in rivers

And trolled ponds for frogs

And wrote in our journals

And dined by the lake

And turned Barbies into mermaids

And the river called again....

As did the lake....

And back to the river....because it is so amazing and refreshing and alive with constant movement and noise.

 And then what happened was, we picked berries

And went camping on an island in a big lake.

And, yes, we went back to that river and jumped off a cliff and splashed into the water

And there was time for dress up..

And tree climbing

and we went to the beach

Where we saw mermaids

 Esther became a middle schooler and Isla a third grader....

but they still enjoy each other's company... mostly

 Fall came

We put on hats

 And coats

This morning..... there was snow

And I don't have a single picture to share because it's all melted away. Much like the last five months. Turned to liquid that is lapping at our heels, threatening to deepen and swirl around our ankles, ready to lift us off our feet and carry us, suspended and helpless, down this wild, rushing river.